Thierry POINOT
  • Full Professor
  • Automatic Control and Systems
  • ENSIP - University of Poitiers

Lecture Activity

Teaching at École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Poitiers - Université de Poitiers

Common curriculum of the Energy, Systems and Electrical Engineering Department

  • Signal processing - 1st year
  • Automatic control -2nd year

Electrical Energy Optimization and Control program

  • System Identification - 2nd and 3rd years
  • Automatic control - 2nd year
  • Project in automatic control - 2nd year

Master of Science, Technology, Health Information Technology, Telecommunication

  • System Identification

Research Activity

Director of the LIAS

My main research work focuses on the modeling and identification of complex dynamic systems governed by ordinary differentialequations or partial differential equations with the aim of accessing physical knowledge of the system or obtaining a behavioral model. Particular attention is paid to continuous-time models, linear with varying parameters models, fractional models or multi-dimensional models.


  • Continuous-time system identification
  • Non linear system identification
  • Output-error algorithms
  • Uncertainty characterization
  • Physical parameter estimation
  • Fractional models
  • LPV models
  • NL models


  • Batteries
  • Thermal systems (Diffusion phenomena, Heat exchangers)
  • Water treatment
  • Bird population dynamics
  • Electrical engineering