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LIAS - Laboratory of Computer Science and Automatic Control for Systems

UR 20299 / University of Poitiers - ENSIP / ISAE-ENSMA / Poitiers and Futuroscope / France

The Laboratoire d'Informatique et d'Automatique pour les Systèmes (LIAS or Laboratory of Computer Science and Automatic Control for Systems) is a research laboratory affiliated with the University of Poitiers and ISAE-ENSMA. Our research is based on the theoretical foundations of mathematics, signal theory, theoretical computer science and electrical engineering. We operate at the intersection of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies and Engineering Sciences.

Comprising 3 teams with complementary areas of expertise, the LIAS applies its know-how to a broad spectrum of applications. Our researchers bring real added value to varied fields such as energy management, water treatment, computer modeling of complex systems, data management and decision support, modular design of embedded systems, or bird population dynamics. Our laboratory stands out for its ability to combine cutting-edge academic approaches with concrete applications to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

LIAS has a total of 39 teacher-researchers, 50% of whom hold an Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), divided between sections 27, 61 and 63 of the Conseil National des Universités. In addition, the laboratory is supported by 1 computer science research engineer, 1 electronics design engineer, 1 computer science technician and 2 administrative management assistants. These professionals contribute to the vitality and smooth running of the laboratory, enabling us to successfully complete our interdisciplinary research projects. LIAS also has some twenty doctoral students who play an active role in our research work.

LIAS manages three LabComs, special partnerships with industry:

  • IONESCO - Collaborative laboratory for the Innovation and development of mesure environments for knowledge production. Industrial partner: Chauvin Arnoux.
  • @LIENOR - Joint laboratory for the integration of renewable energies and network optimization. Industrial partner: SRD, Electricity distribution network operator of the Vienne department.
  • I-TireLab - Joint laboratory on modeling, estimation and control for connected tires and rubber manufacturing processes. Academic partner: Gipsa-lab ; Industrial partner: Michelin.

History: LIAS was created on January 1, 2012. It resulted from the merger of the Laboratoire d'Automatique et d'Informatique Industrielle (LAII) of the University of Poitiers and the Laboratoire d'Informatique Scientifique et Industrielle (LISI) of the University of Poitiers and ISAE-ENSMA. From its creation in 2012 until 2022, it was led by Patrick COIRAULT (Director) and Emmanuel GROLLEAU (Deputy Director). It is now headed by Thierry POINOT (Director) and Emmanuel GROLLEAU (Deputy Director).



For this year, LIAS offers

  • 2 internships
  • 3 thesis positions
  • 1 postdoctoral position

Industrial Project of the Day

DPA - Digital Practices Awareness

Funding Type : Fundation (MAIF)

Latest Publication

Quentin Haenn, Brice Chardin, Mickaël Baron. Clustering Under Radius Constraints Using Minimum Dominating Sets. 27th International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, Jun 2024, Poitiers, France. ⟨hal-04533921⟩


Automatic Control and Systems (A&S)

The Automatic Control and Systems team works around two main axes: identification and control of systems.

Data Engineering (IDD)

The Data Engineering team works combines model-driven Engineering techniques, Knowledge and Database Engineering.

Real Time (SETR)

The Real-Time and Embedded Systems team L’équipe SETR works around Modeling and Validation of Real-Time systems.


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