• Associate Professor
  • Automatic Control and Systems
  • IUT - University of Poitiers

Lecture Activity

University Institute of Technology
    Electrical engineering and industrial data processing - Poitiers
  • Industrial data processing
  • Microprocessor, microcontroller, PLC
  • Fieldbuses (ASi, CAN, Industrial Ethernet, FIP, ...)
  • Supervision

Master of Science, Technology, Health
    Information Technology, Telecommunication - Poitiers
  • Nonlinear system identification

Research Activity

Research field
  • Continuous-time system identification
  • Nonlinear system identification
  • Output error algorithms
  • OE algorithm initialization for the global convergence
  • Reinitialized partial moments

  • ANR CHIC - Low cost industry utilities monitoring systems for energy savings
  • ANR WINPOWER - Integration of wind based electrical power by a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) multipoint network
  • Actions "Automatic control and Wastewater treatment" and "Automatic control and Hydrogeology" in a Poitiers University project CPER EAUX & SOLS

Reinitialized partial moment routines