Guillaume PHAVORIN
  • PhD student
  • Real time
  • ENSIP - University of Poitiers

Lecture Activity

Teaching assistant at ISAE-ENSMA.

1st year of student-engineer curriculum:
  • practical exercises as part of the Introduction to Embedded Systems course: introduction to LabVIEW and C programming, multitasking cross-programming for LEGO NXT robots
2nd year of student-engineer curriculum:
  • pratical exercises as part of the Embedded Systems course: multitasking programming using LabVIEW
  • pratical exercises as part of the Automatic Control course: introduction to MATLAB programming using the Control System toolbox, identification and study of the behaviour of control loops using Nichols and Nyquist plots

Research Activity

Ph.D. at the LIAS Laboratory, as part of the Real-Time team.

Ph.D. thesis on Cache-Related Preemption Delay-aware real-time scheduling.

Research interests:
  • real-time and embedded systems
  • hard real-time scheduling
  • cache memories