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adresse : LIAS-ENSIP, Bât. B25, 2 rue Pierre Brousse, TSA 41105, 86073 Poitiers Cedex 9 - France
équipe : Automatique & Systèmes
Revues Internationales
Olivier BACHELIER, Thomas Cluzeau, Ronan DAVID, Silva Alvarez, Francisco José, Nader Yeganefar, Nima YEGANEFAR, Structural stability, asymptotic stability and exponential stability for linear multidimensional systems: the good, the bad and the ugly, International Journal of Control (IJC2018-91), vol. 91, 2018, pp. 2714--2725
Conférences Internationales
Olivier BACHELIER, Ronan DAVID, Nader Yeganefar, Nima YEGANEFAR, Asymptotic Stability and Attractivity for 2D Linear Systems, 2018 European Control Conference (ECC) (bachelier2018asymptotic), IEEE, 2018, pp. 2290--2293
Ronan DAVID, Francisco Silva-Alvarez, Nima YEGANEFAR, Olivier BACHELIER, Existence and uniqueness of the solutions of continuous nonlinear 2D Roesser models: The locally Lipschitz case, International workshop on multidimensional systems (nDS), 2015