Dumitri CAZACU
Dumitri CAZACU

address: LIAS-ENSIP, Bât. B25, 2 rue Pierre Brousse, TSA 41105, 86073 Poitiers Cedex 9 - France
team: Automatic Control and Systems
International Journals
Dumitri CAZACU, Gérard CHAMPENOIS, Combined simulation of a synchronous generator exciter, Electromotion (Electromotion), vol. 10, n. 3, 2003, pp. 301-305
International Conferences
Florin LAZA, Dumitri CAZACU, Gérard CHAMPENOIS, Mircea Radulescu, Finite element analysis of a small flux-reversal doubly-salient permanent-magnet motor, Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF 2003), 2003, pp. 179-182
Dumitri CAZACU, Gérard CHAMPENOIS, Salient pole alternator exciter modelling using finite element and Simulink/S-functions, Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF 2003), 2003, pp. 361-364