email: abdallah.allouche@univ-poitiers.fr
tel: 0549498066
address: LIAS-ENSIP, Bât. B25, 2 rue Pierre Brousse, TSA 41105, 86073 Poitiers Cedex 9 - France
team: Automatic Control and Systems
International Journals
Erik ETIEN, Abdallah ALLOUCHE, Laurent RAMBAULT, Thierry DOGET, Sébastien CAUET, Anas Sakout, A Tacholess Order Analysis Method for PMSG Mechanical Fault Detection with Varying Speeds, Electronics (Electronics 2021), vol. 10, n. 418, 2021
Laurent RAMBAULT, Abdallah ALLOUCHE, Erik ETIEN, Anas Sakout, Thierry DOGET, Sébastien CAUET, Software Sensors for Order Tracking Applied to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Diagnostics: A Comparative Study, Robotics, vol. 10, 2021
Abdallah ALLOUCHE, Erik ETIEN, Laurent RAMBAULT, Thierry DOGET, Sébastien CAUET, Anas Sakout, Mechanical Fault Diagnostic in PMSM from Only One Current Measurement: A Tacholess Order Tracking Approach, Sensors (Sensors), vol. 20, n. 17, 2020
International Conferences
Abdallah ALLOUCHE, Laurent RAMBAULT, Erik ETIEN, Thierry DOGET, Anas Sakout, Sébastien CAUET, A PLL based mechanical faults detection in PMSM at variable Speed, IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection (IFAC 2018), warsaw, Poland, 2018
Abdallah ALLOUCHE, Erik ETIEN, Thierry DOGET, Laurent RAMBAULT, Anas Sakout, Sébastien CAUET, Pascal Martin, Mechanical faults detection in PMSM at variable speed with a nonlinear algorithm of estimation, 5th Int.Conf. on Mathematics and Computers in Sciences and Industry (MCSI), 2018