Research activities


Together with my colleague Thierry POINOT, I am leading the "Automatique et Systèmes" (Control and Systems) team, one of the three teams in the LIAS. This team is devoted to identification and control of systems, intelligent networks.

Research interests

I am studying automatic control in the Laboratoire d'Informatique des Systèmes (LIAS) which is born from the union of the (LAII) and the (LISI) in 2012. More precisely, the main topics I deal with are:

Applications to other domains

I had the opportunity to propose various extensions of my work to some other descriptions of systems such as

Message to students abroad

Unfortunately, I do not reply to sollicitations of students aiming at doing a project or a master period with me. (I neither reply to PhD students who want to spend some journey in our laboratory.) Indeed, I receive far too many requests.
What I suggest is to consider the possibility to apply for the Master Energie, parcours Automatique et Energie Electrique (M2)!.
This implies to spend one year in Poitiers. Once the master obtained, possibilities to candidate for a PhD thesis can be offered depending on the results during the master year. The application must be made through Campus france . For further information, you can contact Miss Sandrine Moreau who is responsible for the parcours ``Automatique et Energie Electrique'' of the master. Note that the teachings are in French.

Main collaborations

Ph.D. students

LIAS, France
ENSI Poitiers
University of Poitiers
IUT de Poitiers
Department "Mesures Physiques" (MP)