Integration, Scalability and Deployment

The IPaD operation (a french accronym for Integration, Scaling and Deployment) supports the objectives covering at the same time the collection, the modeling and the analysis of needs which can be strongly heterogeneous because they come from autonomous partner as it is the case of large enterprises, the integration of heterogeneous data resulting from dynamic and scalable sources (the Big Data case) for which approaches of semantic resolution of heterogeneity that may exist between sources must be developed, the proposition of ETL techniques (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) exploiting the presence of one or more ontologies of sectors, the choice of the data storage architecture (mediator, storage or hybrid) the choice of the data storage system (a traditional, semantics or NoSQL database management system), the choice of the deployment platform, and lastly the proposition of optimization structures adapted to the final system.

What makes a difference between us and other existing works is the fact that we offer a simulator for all the phases by taking into account constraints related to different parameters: used data models, storage models, deployment platforms, optimization structures, exploitation methods (data search, recommendation, etc) and energy constraints. That gives designers the ability to submit their approaches before the deployment, which represents a considerable contribution for the production of the database management system and high performance templates.

These works have been widely used and validated in many fields such as:

  • the aeronautics industry,
  • the petroleum industry,
  • the car industry,
  • the estate and archives management.