Human Computer Interaction

The HCI operation (Human Computer Interaction) offers approaches and tools supports of validation and examination of models quality coming from the collection system of needs to interface models through testing and experimentation. Within the theme, this activity is focused on the use of tasks templates in the design of the interactive applications. In close collaboration with Dominique Scapin (INRIA), a new formalism, K-MAD (evolution of the original formalism MAD), has been defined.

The works to come are based in the Human-Machine Interaction, and more specifically tasks templates. On one hand they aim to complete the definition of K-MAD model, on the other hand they develop tools exploiting the approach driven by the models. Regarding K-MAD, and in addition to the work done during the last quadrennial, it is about taking into account new aspects of interaction (for example plastic systems, multimodality), and  to explore the possibilities of using tasks models during the phase of expression needs (requirement analysis, workflow) and of prototyping, as well as in the implementation of interfaces tests. As for the driven-model engineering, it is a matter of deepening the co-design process of tasks and dialog templates, in particular in the area of supervision, and by exploring especially the case of new human-machine interfaces (interfaces post-WIMP).