Optimization of electric actuators work-group

Two areas of research are covered in this working group. The first one is the diagnosis of faults in electrical machines. Studied defects are electrical or mechanical type. We develop models of faults that separate the faulty part of the healthy one. We use parametric output-error identification methods with a priori information.  The second topic concerns the control of electrical machines. This work consists firstly, to propose control strategies for permanent magnets synchronous machines without using the sensor position and secondly to use modern control techniques combined with original brushless excitation of synchronous generators.

The main topics currently under study are:

  • Sensorless control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines; 
  • Optimization of synchronous generators; 
  • Diagnosis of electrical faults in PMSM; 
  • Diagnosis of mechanical faults in PMSM; 
  • Diagnosis of electrical faults in Induction Machines.